Berry Alloc

Berry Alloc high-tech laminate is the world’s strongest and most durable laminate flooring. With plank length of 2.4 meter will make your floor space larger and lift your interior to new heights of elegance and beauty. Combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional technical performance. Berry alloc high-tech laminate is suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and yes, even airport terminals.

Its unique with high pressure surface and offers guaranteed long-term performance and outstanding resistance to water, wear, fading and stains.

They offer most beautiful finish flooring which looks like real timber, but just a lot stronger then natural timber flooring. “Direct pressure laminate”, which is our main collection is manufactured in Belgium. Where “High-pressure laminate” is produce in Norway for heavy-duty facilities like shops, restaurants, even Airports, but also the strongest residential flooring option.

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