Laminate Flooring

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring in Sydney

We provide the best quality laminate flooring in Sydney area, below are the benefits of laminate flooring and their brands.

  • Villeroy & Boch laminate wood flooring predominantly consists of a renewable raw material: wood from sustainably managed forests.
  • Laminate floors are ideal for children’s bedrooms, as they don’t contain any plasticisers (phthalates). The German consumer magazine Ökotest even explicitly recommends them.
  • A 30-year guarantee is granted on Villeroy & Boch laminate floors installed in homes.
  • Because laminate is installed without nailing or gluing (as floating floors), no adhesive residues result.
  • Innovative embossing processes are used to give the surfaces of modern Villeroy & Boch laminate wood floors authentic-looking wood grain and stone structures.
  • Laminate wood flooring doesn’t contain any diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and therefore can’t cause any changes in hormone levels.
  • At the end of the product lifecycle, laminate wood flooring can be unproblematically disposed of or burnt as fuel.
  • The scrap resulting from the production of Villeroy & Boch laminate flooring is used as fuel.

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